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Stations Celebrate Public Radio Music Day

Not to be confused with Public Radio Day, non-commercial music stations highlight their contributions to the music community…

By Paul Marszalek

Music-formatted public radio stations today celebrate Public Radio Music Day, pointing out their role in connecting artists and fans, as well as their collective role in influencing local and national music communities.

The idea was coordinated by the noncomMusic Alliance, a collection of public radio stations with Triple A, Jazz, Classical, and eclectic music formats. Public Radio Music Day is celebrated in addition to the annual, larger Public Radio Day.

An interactive map of participating stations is available at

Triple A stations largely focused programming on local music. For example, WFPK/Louisville is augmenting airplay of local acts with a live performance from My Morning Jacket’s Jim James. The Current and SoCal Sound are airing local talent each hour, and WFUV will air sets of FUV live performances every hour.

Beyond the music programming, all stations are using the day to position themselves as the link between local artists and fans in their respective communities.

Download a list of participating stations and respective programming elements.

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