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Social Media Use – By Demo 2020

Social Media teams can feel overwhelmed, feeling they need to do everything. They don’t. These charts will help…

By Paul Marszalek

TikTok is taking a bite out of Facebook and Snapchat among the younger crowd, but it’s still largely a one-horse race in the older demos.

This, according to Edison Research, which has released its annual Infinite Dial study. In tracking consumers’ media consumption habits, Edison gives insight for radio stations that might be struggling with exactly how much effort they should be deploying on various Social platforms.

As one might expect, things are much more dispersed among younger demos, but it’s pretty simple 35+.

Selected Slides (click for a larger view):

TikTok is buzzing, but only on the young end.
Since 2016, Facebook has all but collapsed among 12-34 year olds. It’s sister network Instagram is growing, and TikTok had a great year.
For Triple A stations, there are really only two networks to worry about. But even here Facebook shows a consistent decline.
Among the 55+ crowd, Facebook rules — even as it declines. There’s really no #2. Except maybe that Silver Singles dating site.

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