Thursday , September 28 2023

Seeking Nominations: The Top 22 of 2021

Each year we point out the people, music, ideas, and news that impacted the year. We need your help…

By Paul Marszalek

Before everyone scatters for the holidays, we’re looking for some help.

Every year, highlights The Top 22 people, artists, ideas, and news stories that had impact in the world of adult rock. The list tends to feature a lot of kudos — folks who had a good year via a promotion, ratings success, dominated the charts, broke artists, and more.

There are news stories and trends that make the list as well.

As we brainstorm this year’s list, there are a lot of people moves, and stories such as Alt still trying to find its way.

However, no matter how hard we try, we always miss some really good ideas for the list.

Please take a moment to help us out with some “nominations” so we can acknowledge all those who deserve a nod in 2021.

You can leave a comment to this post, or hit me via email — paul (at)

Thank you!

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