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Dualtone’s Lori Kampa Retires

With The Lumineers Debuting at #1 On the Sales Chart, Lori Drives Off in Her Nissan Figaro…

Lori Kampa

By Paul Marszalek

After 18 years, Dualtone promotion veteran Lori Kampa is retiring.

Yes, we’re jealous, but it’s not about us.

After a time of reflection, Kampa (and it’s pronounced comp’-uh, not camp‘-uh – not that she’d correct you) willingly retires in search of fresh adventures as, in her words, a “free agent/lady of leisure, or “slacker” as some might call it.”

In a letter to friends, Lori writes:

“After an incredible 18+ year journey with my dear family at Dualtone, I decided it was time for a major life shift so I’m making the difficult decision to step away from the wild & crazy world of record promotion.

So as I say “goodbye,” the biggest thing I want to say here is a big “THANKS,” for well, basically everything…for all of the laughter and memories shared over the years…it’s been a joy!

Gonna be hard to disappear when these are your wheels.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for your passion and the creative energy that you put towards what you do and I thank you for being such an inspiration…I mean how special is it that we get to work with so many similar people who share so many of the same hopes & dreams and goals that most of us have had since we started working in this biz years ago!

There’s a reason we’re working in radio and the music business (and most of us wearing our jeans and band tshirts and sneakers every day)…cuz this is the fun biz! And I feel so eternally lucky to have found my own little place here amongst you all, where I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow with you for the past two decades–it’s been a tremendous amount of fun!

But along w/the fun, it’s also been really meaningful and important work…so let me just thank you for your help in supporting and believing in so many of our bands, for giving them a sacred spot on the air and introducing their music to your audiences and allowing them to follow their creative and musical dreams.

Sometimes we maybe don’t realize it, but we’ve changed so many lives by what we’re doing in these jobs–and that means something! Because music is so powerfully connective and healing and when a song or an artist’s performance inspires another, there’s no better feeling–it’s magic, and I know we’ve all felt that spark when we’ve helped light someone up with a song or show.  So remember that, what we do (and the intention we put behind it) matters — it’s powerful and important! And again, I’m so very grateful for this whole wild and wonderful experience that brought all our worlds together. ”

Dualtone’s Dana Murray will be point of contact moving forward.

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