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Finally Official: Justin Barney is APD at WNXP/Nashville

Another key NON-COMM position is filled, but many still remain open…

Justin Barney

By Paul Marszalek

While word of this move has made the rounds, congratulations are in order as Justin Barney is officially announced as the Assistant Program Director at WNXP/Nashville.

Barney starts his new duties, which includes an airshift, on June 27th. He heads to Nashville Public Radio after eight years at WYMS/Milwaukee, most recently as Music Director.

Barney commented, “I believe in WNXP’s mission and team. I believe in connecting a community through music and stories. I’m a storyteller and I love music. WNXP has already done incredible work highlighting music and artists that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. The station is setting the standard of blending music journalism with innovative radio. I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Barney’s move is the latest in a flurry of job-hopping and promotions that kicked in as the COVID lockdown ended. The lack of movement has now led to pent up demand as stations look to staff up.

KKXT/Dallas, WTMD/Baltimore, KCMP/Minneapolis-St. Paul, and now WNXP/Nashville have all filled programming positions this year — and multiple positions are still up for grabs.

The Colorado Sound, WXPN/Philadelphia, and WTMD have unfilled positions in their respective programming departments, and we have word that another major market programming gig is in the pipeline.

The Triple A format, particularly at NON-COMM, will look very different by year’s end as the shuffle continues.

See our jobs page for details on open positions.

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