Tuesday , January 19 2021
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KTSU/Houston is searching for a Development Manager.

The station, licensed to Texas Southern University airs a mixed format, largely focused on Jazz (The Choice) and, at night, Urban Alternative (The Vibe).

Candidates should have a passion for establishing and maintaining business relationships with various community leaders, and should be prepared to develop a strategic plan to increase the radio station’s revenue through membership, broadcast and digital underwriting, donations, sponsorships, grants and fundraising initiatives.

KTSU is looking for someone with a positive entrepreneurial mindset and have a proven radio sales record in a managerial role; three to five years experience.

Learn more and apply on the TSU website



The station is an independently owned artist colony FM signal, rebuilding with new transmitter and an innovative new Triple A brand for 2021.

The station representative said, “We’re embarking on a new musical adventure. One that doesn’t forget favorites, but goes off the charted paths and into deep musical discovery. We take the album and alternative aspects of Triple A seriously and we need a musical mind to build our library and listenable clocks built for high TSL. We aren’t just looking at ratings – we’re looking to win avid fans.”

Applicants should have a wide appreciation for music and have access to a broadcast quality music library (not low bitrate!) that doesn’t shy away from “fringe” sounds (chillout, electronica, indie, R&B).

Further, experience with building and scheduling (MusicMaster preferred) deep libraries of varied texture and specialty programming is required.

This is paid freelance work. If the idea of helping build a truly unique radio brand (think KCRW, KEXP or BBC 6 Music) appeals to you, please contact: tripleapd2020@gmail.com.