Monday , June 24 2024
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Live 105 Returns as Dave Gets Pink Slipped

Audacy reverses course to bring back Live 105 after six years in hiatus…

By Paul Marszalek

Great news as San Francisco’s Live 105 returns to the air today as The Bay Area’s Alternative.

It replaces the “Totally Random Radio” experiment, Dave FM, which managed to cume nearly half a million people, but simply couldn’t get them to stick around very long. Dave has bounced between a 1 an 2 share since December. Not great, and compounding the problem was Dave FM’s lack of a consumer value proposition, resulting in no real exclusive audience and, in turn, no key differentiating benefit to the sales team.

Audacy makes the right move in returning the station to the original Live 105 brand after a disastrous national re-brand of the company’s Alternative stations as “Alt.” Presumably meant to demonstrate to shareholders the efficiencies of consolidation, the national Alt brand face-planted, confusing listeners by promising Alternative while delivering lightweight, throwaway pop-rock. The San Francisco and New York stations were casualties, and KROQ/Los Angeles survived a near-death experience, though it is still lagging cross-town KYSR.

Longtime talent Aaron Axelson will be involved reportedly on a specialty show basis at Live 105, but the station will be programmed by John Allers, with KLLC’s Jayn as music Director.

The change comes as investors remain unenthusiastic, with Audacy’s stock price opening at just 5.7 cents per share at this morning.

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