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Get The 2022 NON-COMMvention Official Program

We’re ready, and hopefully so are you. Access the Official Program and save it to your phone…

By Paul Marszalek

The Official Program for this year’s NON-COMMvention has gone mobile. Here’s how to get the Program, and save it to your phone:

Access the program via this link or, alternately, you can access it by hitting the blue banner ad that will be near the very top of TheTop22.com.

Once open, you can either save it as an app icon to your home screen (recommended), or download it as a PDF. See the diagram below, and additional instructions that follow:

Save it to your home screen as an app icon by using the “forward/send” button at the bottom of your screen – it’s the one with the box and arrow pointing up (see above).

This will give you options such as message, mail, and whatever social media you use. Scroll up until you see an option for “Add to Home Screen.” Tap that, add it, and an app icon will appear on your home screen. If you have a lot of apps, you may not appear on your first page.

The second way to save it is by using the “download” button, which is the middle of the three icons above (between the “share” and “full screen” button). See the graphic above.

Tapping this will download a PDF that can be saved wherever you prefer to save those sorts of things. Note: The PDF is about 5mb, so it isn’t small. Further, if we have changes in the schedule, they will not be reflected in your PDF, so that’s why we recommend using the “live” online method. But maybe you’ll want to check it out while you’re flying in. Your call.

The Program is functional on mobile, tablets, and desktop.

There is additional functionality described within the program.

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