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Eight Public Radio Stations Added to the Mediabase Panel

Two are in Top 10 markets, four in the Top 25, and seven are in the Top 50. For spin counters, it’s a big deal…

By Paul Marszalek

Eight major Public Radio Triple A Stations have been added to the Mediabase airplay panel. The station brands involved, their market sizes, audience reach, and spin counts will shake things up in the Triple A format for the better.

The new additions are KCSN/Los Angeles, WERS/Boston, KEXP/Seattle, KUTX/Austin, WTMD/Baltimore, WYEP/Pittsburgh, and WYMS/Milwaukee, and WFPK/Louisville.

The impact on TheTop22.com airplay chart will be minimal, as the chart is driven by audience reach, and already included these stations.

But for those using spins as a metric, the moves will have impact. For example, a power on KCSN, WERS, and KUTX can average 18 spins per week. Add the potential for 100+ spins a week from this collection of tastemaking stations, and we’ll see a boost for indie/edgier music and suppression of Hot AC/pop crossover types and a further blunting of tracks fueled by overnight pay-for-play schemes.

Also added to the panel was Saga’s WOLX-HD2, which airs as “The River” on

It’s a welcome development from Mediabase, which took over for the sun-setted BDS airplay tracking system late last year.

According to Medibase: The changes will be updated on the site by the evening of Wednesday, April 5, 2023. The first add dates will be Monday and Tuesday, April 10-11, 2023. Panel changes and weights will be updated based on Fall 2022 for all markets.

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