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Columbus Alternative CD102.5 Returns To The Air On New FMs – And AMs

Three weeks after losing its FM signal, the legendary Alternative station finds a new home – on two FM translators and their respective AM parent signals…

By Paul Marszalek

Central Ohio’s Alternative CD102.5 was reborn Sunday under a new arrangement that puts the station on no fewer than four different antennas.

It’s the third signal move for the 30-year old Alt Rocker, and it might be the last. The new agreement includes a purchase option for programmer Randy Malloy.

It’s a creative solution, and a bit of engineering genius. Here’s how it works:

The station makes a comeback as CD92NINE, landing on two separate AM station translators. First, the format airs on Columbus WMSC at 1580 AM, which has full coverage of the market. The station has a 250-watt FM translator at 92.9.

Second, the format will air on WDLR, a 500-watt station operating at 1550 AM out of Delaware, Ohio – north of Columbus. WDLR also has an FM translator at 92.9 FM, and it is engineered to fill in some of the areas left open by WMSC’s translator.

Said Malloy of the deal,

“We are ecstatic to get back to the business of independent radio where we belong on the FM – and now AM – dial. Big corporate radio is slashing staff by the thousands across the United States, and we are proud to continue to offer live, independently operated radio and continue our commitment to local businesses, local artists, and the entire Columbus community—and soon the Delaware, Ohio community. We are one of the last bastions of independent radio in the United States – and we relish that role.”

Here’s what the signal maps look like:

WMYC AM 1580 coverage map.
WDLR AM 1550 coverage map.
Columbus translator at 92.9 FM.
Delaware, Ohio translator at 92.9 FM filling in from the north.

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